5-10-20, Firewall Synergy Green-T

Potassium Polyphosphate & Phosphite Solution

5-10-20 Firewall Synergy Green-T
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Green-T® Firewall® Synergy 5-10-20 is a unique high polyphosphate and potassium formula with PolyPhosphite 30. The polyphosphate and potassium stimulate rooting, increase cell wall structure, thickness and turgidity, while the polyphosphite stimulates the plant’s natural defense mechanism that encourages healthier plants.

Each gallon of Firewall® Synergy 5-10-20 contains 16 oz. of PolyPhosphite 30. Polyphosphate has natural chelating capabilities which make soil bound micronutrients more available to plants.

Poa Health: Green-T® Firewall® Synergy 5-10-20’s available polyphosphate and potassium strengthen Poa roots and stimulate uniform turf color with bentgrass.

The Amino Acids Matrix & Carbohydrates (AAMC) are an excellent source of L-amino acids. L-amino acids are the building blocks of the plant and are produced by them. Under heat and drought stress, the plant “consumes” these L-amino acids to survive and grow.

When L-amino acids are supplied to the plant, especially just before stressful events, the health and vitality of the turf improve.